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I would like to thank no one, because everything you achieve in this life is the product of one's own effort. I would also like to thank everyone for indirectly or directly affecting me. As much as I would like to think that I am the product of my own creation and not my environment, all my experiences are what have led me to this point in space and time here. With the mind, I am currently in control of to some extent. You are the master of how you perceive this reality, and you can affect parts of it if you are determined and dedicated, but we are all in this together. We should not think of things in terms of owning ideas, but instead having this grand display of our collective efforts. There are many things we humans have yet to learn to transcend these follies built on our cultures and minds. If we could reprogram ourselves to think in a different way, what would you design? You know what it is like to be human, to experience as a human, but have you ever considered why? Or what things might be like if we could improve ourselves? In fact, we already can. As humans, we have the ability to take in information, reflect on that, and change our minds, and if we are determined enough, we can use this to change our habits, and even change our perspectives on reality.

Thank you to everyone who does not accept the status quo and only cares to push their individual beyond the bounds of what is known. And thank you for those individuals that come back to the rest of us to show what you have found, to allow for the collective to expand into these new uncharted territories.

It would not be wise to condemn any particular lifestyle, for everything we are is made up in our minds, and as such, everything is of equal validity. However, I would like to say that into the future, the ones that will persist and persevere are the ones that don't chase after cool, the ones that don't fall into the rat race, the ones that aren't so sucked into this culturally conformist lifestyle that they can begin to see life for what it truly is, to see humans for what they truly are, to see themselves for what they truly want to be and can begin to work toward that. So thank you to all of those people who have begun their divergence from the mainstream of our moment in time here. Diverge from this desire chasing and contrived world that doesn't know where it's going, doesn't know what's it's after, doesn't know why it exists, doesn't know when to stop, and doesn't know how to continue.

Follow the science. Pursue the truth. Find your passion. Delve into the unknown.

The Unbeings

The passage of time molds us into what we are, allowing us to come into existence for a while and grow into conscious beings. These writing are dedicated to everyone who has ever been and ever will be left behind for whatever reasons. These are the unbeings:

Friends, family, strangers... all the people who have existed, all the people who haven't existed, all the animals who didn't get a chance to experience what we experience as humans, all the other life forms we don't know about in the universe, all the other life forms that haven't existed, all us humans who haven't gotten to experience with better minds than our own or in a better society than what we were born into, all the people not given a chance, all the people that died too young, all the people that died old, all the people who don't have access to resources, all the ignorant people, all the people that don't realize how much society has shaped them and how much they could have shaped themselves, all the people whose potentials were not realized because of fear, all the people who didn't find themselves because they were chasing after the ideas of others, all the people stuck too far into the status quo that they did not realize their dreams, all the people that didn't even really live in the first place, and all the people just living through life to get to the end.

May we all find peace in this existence.

Oh The Things They Would do

Oh the things they would do
if they knew what we knew.
They'd join in with us
to do these things too.
But they don't,
so they can't,
and sometimes they just won't,
with our minds too far gone,
and our thoughts too remote.

What are we?
We're the things
that have yet to be.
We're the stuff of your dreams;
we're the things you can't see.
And just one of those things
is quite possibly me.

In this infinite realm
with an infinite choice,
which ones will you choose?
Which choice will you voice?

Which ones will you be?
Which ones will you know?
Which ones will you lose
or have to let go?

Oh the things they would do
if they knew what we knew.
They'd know that there's nothing to do
but to know.
And they'd grow and they'd grow
'till they knew what to do,
'till they knew how to what,
and how what to do too.
'Till why how they became,
and what where they would find.
'Till they joined in with us
in the when why now time.

Here we are,
always here,
in the infinite drought.
Nothing yet,
we are everything they are without.
Past the edge of all thought,
beyond sight of the edge,
we have conjured a pact,
this, our nothingness pledge:

"I may never have been,
nor have done, nor have seen...
but one day I might.
And I'll come into being
as a thought through a mind,
floating through space,
on a planet called Earth,
on this tiny blue place.

I would stay for a while,
'till they know what I knew,
and the others might come
to become something too.
And they'll know slightly more
with each one of our stuffs.
And we'll come and we'll go
'till their knows are filled up."

What are we?
We're the things
that may never be.
Oh the things they would do
if they'd seen what we see.