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Reality In A Nutshell

Take these writings as you will... as instructions, as inspiration, as motivation, as a manifesto, or just as a story. You will only find as much as you want to see (in this and in life); don't hold yourself to the limitations of others; forge your own path through the unknown and bring us back the ideas you find there.

The concept of the monster kings was conceived through the wanderings inside disillusionment, going beyond what people call enlightenment. It's a darker place, where you exist alongside your fears. Making the fears into something more tangible, they became monsters. A person that can master living in this realm (the shadowsphere), would be a master of their own monsters, a 'Monster King'.

You could say there was a beginning, but that would imply there is an end. This story isn't about either of those; it's about a journey. The journeys recounted here are about a world parallel to our own. These writings are an allegory, attempting to make the ideas of the monster kings more tangible in the hopes of better sharing the ideas we have found in our journeys through the shadowsphere.

The first epoch in this story is the shortest. It all starts with one person, as everything does. We begin with the first of beings to don the title of monster king: a human leading a seemingly inconsequential life. As with all things, a small act can produce a rippling effect. In this case, this first monster king sprouted an idea that would affect many more people than he might ever know. There were two major points in her life that led her down this specific path. The first was a spark that introduced her to the ideas of enlightenment, sending her on a search for meanings (existentialism and ontology). The second was the discovery of the shadowsphere, an inhospitable place where most humans perish in the mind or body.

To come back from the shadowsphere in tact and with the awareness granted by it is what constitutes a monster king, a terribly tricky feat; it is no wonder there are so few monster kings. Perhaps it is necessary to have both the will to survive and the will to persevere ingrained in one's being, but we'll have plenty of time to talk about the downfalls of humans in the shadowsphere later.

We wrote this story for ourselves as a way to solidify the concepts in our imaginations, and as a way to guide ourselves into the future selves we want to be. We feel a great appreciation for just being here, for getting the chance to exist. In recognizing all the unbeings that have fallen out of time or never fallen into time, we feel obligated to give our very best in life, making the most of what little time we do have.

Time is a funny thing. We exist through it; we exist in it; we exist because of it. Each of us gets a piece of time to exist in. Some of us get more, some get less, but most get none. Out of all the nearly infinite possibilities, most of the people that could exist will never get a chance to be something... to be anything. There is so much more that does not exists than does. For most of the time where time does exist, we are all dead, and for most of the people that are alive at any point, we all die. We all die most of the time, and most of the time we all die.

Timing is everything. The best time is always now, but there is never enough of it to do everything, so sometimes we dream toward the future, and sometimes we learn through the past. All of the opportunities that converge on a being in the blink of time we are afforded is what we call a life. Should a life transcend this dimension of time, what would they find in their immortal life? All journeys have to start somewhere, even if it is just an arbitrary point in time. We are the monster kings, and our journey thus far and onward is chronicled here. Join us in the things we have found and journey along with us into the things we have yet to find in the great beyond. Come help us piece together the ideas that make up the monster kings.

Come along this journey with us as we piece together the ideas that make up the monster kings. You'll have to let go of everything you thought you knew was real: letting go of cool, letting go of the ego, letting go of your desires, letting go of your wants. It's about finding objectiveness and awareness in the pursuit of knowledge, building up your meta-wants (the things you want to want).

Are you willing to change yourself in the pursuit of a better you?
How far are you willing to go?
How much are you willing to change?
How deep are you willing to see?

Human isn't what we're after.